Dear members of the Egyptian community,

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Coptic citizens at the occasion of Orthodox Easter, as well as all Egyptians celebrating Sham El-Nessim. By commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ - celebrated across faith by all - we are called upon to remember that in the depth of agony and despair, there is always hope for a new beginning and extended support from heaven. The ancient Egyptians had originally celebrated their own vision of rebirth through the spring festival/carnival “Shemu,” which subsequently became known as “Sham El-Nessim.” As such, this particular celebration connects Egypt as a nation with its long and rich heritage of cohesiveness, veneration of God’s gifts in nature and most importantly, faith and hope. As we come together to rejoice in this particular season of festivities, I wish you all, in my name in the names of all the members of your General Consulate in Montreal, blessed prayers, fasting and festivities. God bless you and your families. "

Consul General
Hossam Muharram


Latest News

April 26, 2019 - Montreal

The Hospital Charles-LeMoyne’s Foundation hosted its annual fundraising gala, “le Bal de 1001 Nuits.” This year, the gala adopted an Egyptian theme and was supported by the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal.

The event was attended by H.E. Consul General Hossam Moharam, General Ahmed Khedr, Egypt’s Representative in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dahlia Abdelfattah, Deputy Consul General of Egypt in Montreal and Alaa ElBeali...read more »

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April 04, 2019 - Montreal

The CGEM organized on April 4th a special gathering between HE Ambassador Ahmed Abu-Zeid the Egyptian Embassador in Canada, with leading members of the Egyptian community in Montreal.

The event also witnessed the celebration of Arab Music Day 2019, coordinated with the Egyptian Cultutre and educational office in canada, headed by Dr. Mohamed Hamza, The Culture and Educational Counslar of Egypt in the US and Canada...read more »

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March 31, 2019 - Montreal

The first consular mission by the team of the Egyptian Consulate General in Montréal flew to Toronto

under guidance by Consul General Hossam Moharam to offer its services to Egyptian citizens in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Throughout the weekend of March 23rd and 24th, the team completed over 400 consular service and brought back more to complete in Montréal and return via mail. Another excellent round completed successfully with the support of Egyptian nationals in GTA. Thank you Toronto and we will be back soon.

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Jan 25, 2019 - Montreal

The CGEM commemorates the 67th Egyptian Police Day and the 8th anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution with a cultural / musical celebration

The ceremony was attended by dozens of members of the Egyptian community and the Egyptian youth at the Canadian universities, headed by the Council and members of the Egyptian Students Association at McGill University and Concordia in Montreal...read more »

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Dec 07, 2018 - Montreal

The Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Montreal will host a dinner in honor of Ambassador / Amal Salama

The CGEM will host a dinner in honor of Ambassador / Amal Salama - Consul General of Egypt in Montreal to honor her Excellency The date of the end of the training course Egypt led by Ms. Dorin Assaad, Mayor of Brosard and General Ahmed Hussein

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Bulletin Board

Sept 06, 2019


Aug 30, 2019


Aug 29, 2019


Aug 09, 2019


July 21, 2019


May 20, 2019

The consulate General of Egypt in Montreal will be closed on Monday May 20, 2019 at the Occasion of Victoria day.

April 27, 2019


April 13, 2019

The Consulate General of the Arab republic of Egypt in Montreal avails this opportunity to convey congratulations to all of you and would like to inform you that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior has launched the first phase of the Egyptian Electronic Visa Portal, which will enable citizens of 46 countries to get their visa online directly through the portal.

For further details: (to apply for e-visa) https://visa2egypt.gov.eg

For technical assistance and complaints: https://visa2egypt.gov.eg/eVisa/ContactUs

Mar 11, 2019

The CGEM presents its greetings to the esteemed members of the Egyptian community in Canada and cordially announces the presence of its Consular Mission in the Greater Toronto Area/Mississauga On Saturday March 23rd, 2019 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 pm
With the purpose of providing consular services comprising the following:
  • Legalization of Documents.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Criminal Records.
  • Renewal of Passports.
  • Extending the validity of passports to return to Egypt.
  • Receiving requests for Egyptian birth and death certificates.
  • (Not including National ID, military draft or visa services)

At the following address:
Novotel Toronto Mississauga Center 3670 Hurontario Street L5B 1P3 Mississauga – Canada

To further facilitate the process and guarantee the flow of operations during the day, we cordially invite all citizens requesting consular services to register at the earliest for an appointment »

Kindly note that appointments are granted electronically on first reserved basis and will be closed upon completing the allotted time. Please bring a copy of the electronic mail confirming the appointment’s request and please arrive punctually before the scheduled time and respect the allotted time slot granted for each service.

Feb 13, 2019

The CGEM will be closed today due to the extreme weather conditions resulting from the snow storm which has blocked major roads and disrupted means of transportation, reducing visibility which has threatened safe commuting and resulted in closing schools and various public services. We will keep our respected visitors advised of all developments in this regard. Stay safe.

Working Hours

Consular Services in Person
Monday to Friday: 09:30am-12:30pm

Consular Working Hours
Monday to Friday: 09:00am-03:00pm

Our Jurisdiction

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Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Despite ranking in the top 30 largest countries with its 1 million square kilometers of land, Egypt is a country that is notorious for its geographic distribution.

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Egyptian culture dates back thousands of years to the ancient Pharaohs and has been influenced by numerous invaders throughout history. Without a doubt, this colonialist footprint has blended with the country’s rich tradition to define Egyptian culture as we know it today.

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​Egypt is popular among investors. The country is widely considered to be a major frontier market, while it's also a member of Goldman Sachs' Next Eleven (N-11) economies that offer BRIC-like potential to overtake the G20 nations.

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Our Community

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We are a group of Egyptian students at McGill University aiming to represent our rich culture and heritage on various levels, and to motivate the study body to be actively engaged as well as integrated in the community. We are a student group of the SSMU, an undergraduate students' society at McGill University.

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Egyptian Canadian Business Network's goal is to Assemble and network a database of Egyptian business owners and professionals, allowing them to present their businesses and services to other people within the community, Canada, Egypt and the Middle East, through different mediums and networking events.

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World Youth Forum is a platform built by promising youth. It sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress to the entire world. It engages youth from around the globe in an enriching set-up, allowing them to exchange views and recommend initiatives to decision-makers and influential figures.

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Egypt’s tourism promotional campaign entitled “This is Egypt” was launched back in December 2015 aimed at bringing tourists back to Egypt. The campaign includes footage of Egypt’s diverse attractions, including historical sites such as the pyramids and Pharaonic temples, in addition to its nightlife.

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The Government of Egypt has set clear goals for 2030 to achieve targeted transparency, economic growth and social inclusion by enabling sustainable economic growth through fostering private investments and providing access to improved public services to all citizens of Egypt.

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Egypt has inherited the history, the cultural accumulation through periods of history represented by the civilizations that have made Egypt one of the first countries, which means the existence of the Ministry of Culture the task give personal definition of Egyptian history and maintenance capabilities of this nation.

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