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Birth Certificates

Fees 80 CAD

Documents Required:

  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Translation of the Canadian birth certificate
  • Father’s Egyptian passport
  • Mother’s passport
  • Parents’ marriage certificate with a certified translation if the certificate is not in Arabic translation

How to Apply:

  • Applying in person:

    Filled application must be submitted along with the documents.
    Application will be processed at the Department of Civil Status, in Cairo and you will be notified when document is received by the consulate.

  • Applying by mail:

    If you reside outside Montreal and under the jurisdiction of the consulate, you may apply via mail by sending your request to obtain the application with:
    • Money Order payable to EGYPTIAN CONSULATE IN MONTREAL with the appropriate amount of fees
    • Self Addressed Prepaid envelop (name and address of the person) to send the form/s
    • After completing and signing the forms, they must be sent again to the consulate with
    • A copy of the documents mentioned above. Upon receipt at the Consulate, you will be asked to send a Self Addressed Prepaid envelop

Please Note:

  • Egyptian law does not currently allow having a compound name on birth certificates
  • The father or any member of his direct family and after the completion of the birth certificate form via the Consulate may obtain an extract of the birth certificate without providing any documents from the civil status in Cairo.
  • ou may apply directly in Egypt for the issuance of a birth certificate by authenticating the Canadian birth certificate from the consulate, and a translation can be made in Egypt.

Those who reached the age of 21 years and do not have any papers and want to extract an Egyptian birth certificate must obtain a certificate to prove their right to the Egyptian citizenship by presenting the following documents
Photocopy of the following:

  • National ID card or valid Egyptian passport for both parents.
  • Egyptian marriage certificate or the Canadian marriage certificate with certified translation.
  • Canadian birth certificate with certified translation.
  • Applicant passport.

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