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Egyptian Passport Renewal

Issuance, Renewal, Loss and damage fees

  • Fees for issuance or renewal of a passport are 290 CAD
  • Fees for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged passport is 350 CAD

Documents required for renewal of passport

  • The original passport + A copy of expired passport page 2 to 9 or page 1 for electronic passports
  • The original +A copy of the National ID card for those who reached the age of 16 years
  • The original +A copy of national birth certificate to those who are less than 16 years
  • 3 recent photos white background 4*6 cm
Females Applicants over the age of sixty, it is sufficient to present the electronic birth- certificate in case they are not able to present a National ID cardShould present an original proof of the marital status in case it is not mentioned on- the expired passport or the national ID

Male Applicants should present the original document that declares the status for the military service once they reach the age of 19, according to the following:

  • Born 03/18/1941 and before are not required to present the exemption from military service
  • If your passport shows a clear stamp with the seal (not required for recruitment) or (Exempted) then this could be accepted
  • If your passport is stamped with the seal (at the age of recruitment and shall provide recruitment document when traveling), or if no stamp is shown on the passport, then you need to provide a copy of the original document regarding your military service according to your status ie: Exempted, or temporary Exemption, or exempted from military service for any other pertinent reason

Applying by mail

  • Kindly send your payment by money order or certified check payable to Egyptian Consulate in Montreal ** note that personal checks or cash are not acceptable
  • You may only send copies of required documents with a written request and a prepaid envelope **Self Addressed Prepaid envelop
  • The General Consulate will use the above mentioned prepaid envelop to send the application form that you must fill and send back to the consulate with 3 passport size photos
  • When a new passport is received from the authorities in Egypt, you will be contacted by email or phone to send the old passport for cancellation with another prepaid self addressed envelope and both passports will be sent back
  • We strongly recommend the use of registered mail and not regular mail, Please note that the consulate is not responsible for any loss or damaged mail

Documents required for passport Replacement(lost or stolen)

  • You need to present an original police report
  • Copy of the lost passport if available and any pertinent original Egyptian document ** birth certificate, National ID, military exemption…etc
  • The request for replacement will be sent to the concerned authorities in Egypt. Once the approval is received the citizen will be contacted to send a fee of 305 CAD

Documents required for issuance of a replacement to a damaged

  • Same documents as the renewal but the original passport must be sent and the fees will be 320 CAD

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