​Egypt's 2030 vision plans to develop a competitive, balanced and diversified economy. Supporting innovation and knowledge, social justice, economic development and the environment. The sustainable development strategy is achieved through a collaboration system investing in human capital and diversified locations in Egypt to improve Egyptians' quality of life that is built on transparency and social equality.

According to the latest survey conducted on a sample of the labor force, unemployment rates fell to about 10% in Q3 2018 compared to 11.9% in Q3 2017.​
Private investments witnessed a rise of 48.2% during FY2017/18 reaching EGP 316.4 billion compared to EGP 213.5 billion during FY2016/17.
Net international reserves rose by 41.5% to reach US$ 44.3 billion in FY2017/18 compared to US$ 31.3 billion during FY2016/17.
The economic growth rate increased to 5.3% during FY2017/18 compared to 4.2% in FY2016/17.

Social Justice

  • Equal economic, social and political rights supporting society's participation entitlement and encouraging social mobility

  • Equal opportunities achieving social inclusion providing protection and support to minority groups

Knowledge, Innovation and Scientific Research

  • legal reforms supporting knowledge and innovation

  • Promoting innovation and knowledge

  • Supporting SMEs into developing innovative activities

  • Public private partnerships supporting technological advancement

Economic Development

  • Sustainable inclusive economic growth

  • Job creation

  • Increasing GDP per capita


  • Raising awareness about preserving the environment's natural resources

  • Solid waste management system

  • Reducing air pollution

  • Encouraging civil society and private sector participation in preserving and protecting biodiversity

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