The General Consulate of Egypt in Montreal commemorates the 67th Egyptian Police Day and the 8th anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution with a cultural / musical celebration

Jan 25, 2019

The General Consulate of the Arab Republic of Egypt hosted a cultural celebration on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the Egyptian Police Day and the eighth anniversary of the 25th of January revolution at the headquarters of the Egyptian Cultural Center in Montreal.

The ceremony was attended by dozens of members of the Egyptian community and the Egyptian youth at the Canadian universities, headed by the Council and members of the Egyptian Students Association at McGill University and Concordia in Montreal, as well as the President and members of the Egyptian-Canadian Business Association and a number of journalists and intellectuals as well as senior guests and guests including Major General Ahmed Khadr, At the World Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Commercial Counselor in Montreal / Ala Al-Bayli and the Cultural Attaché / Dr. Majed Farouk and members of the Consulate General in Montreal.

General Consul / Hossam Muharram opened the ceremony by welcoming the attendees, pointing out the great meanings represented by their participation despite the difficulty of the weather and the icy rain. He referred to the great role that the Egyptian police have played for decades in defending the safety and security of the Egyptian people and the huge sacrifices they make in combating terrorism and extremism and protecting the security of Egyptian citizens.

He also referred to what the January 25 revolution represented by the solidarity of the Egyptians for their freedom and dignity, and their role in the unity of the country and the people.

The ceremony included a documentary about the martyrs of the Egyptian police and the celebration of the President of the Republic and their families and the great role played by the police for the safety and security of Egyptians. The exhibition also included pictures of artistic and cultural scenes from the early days of the revolution, including photographs that express the people, science and unity of the Egyptian element and the Egyptians' encirclement around their army.

In addition, the role of Egyptian women in the revolution, murals, The festival was also celebrated by the artist Shams Rajab - an Egyptian Canadian - sang by her father, the great musician Ibrahim Ragab, the artistic icon: "Live my country, my country live." In addition to many national tunes such as my love, O Egypt and Halawa Shamsna and Talat Ya Mahly Nourha and other songs that Singing with her attendance for hours.

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