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Regular Legalization and Power Of Attorney

The consulate Legalize the signature on the original documents only and it does not legalize the signature on the documents photocopies.

Fees required

  • 80 CAD cash for each ordinary legalization
  • 90 CAD cash for each ordinary legalization related to marriage or divorce
  • 80 CAD cash for translation legalization
  • To obtain translation legalization the original has to be also legalized
legalization and Power of Attorney In order to insure a good service you must have a valid Egyptian passport or national identity card and a copy of it

legalization by post

  • In case of sending by mail you must sign the power of attorney in front of Public Notary and the seal of the notary must be on the power of attorney and not a photo copy
  • Money order payable with the appropriate money for the desired service to the EGYPTIAN CONSULATE IN MONTREAL**personal checks is not acceptable, it is also prohibits sending any cash inside the envelope
  • Self Addressed Prepaid envelop – name and address of the applicant written and a phone number to send the documents back after legalization

Power of Attorney & Legalization

- Any Egyptian citizen holding a valid Egyptian Passport, or a valid Egyptian National ID can legalize his signature on Power of Attorney or Affidavits in person at the Consulate General. Copies of Passports or National IDs are not accepted.

- In the event of signing the power of attorney or the affidavit before a Notary Public, then the Notary Public’s signature and seal must be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada. The Consulate General will only recognize the seal and signature of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The official website of Global Affairs Canada has all pertinent information on this matter.

Choosing the right power of attorney form

In order to cancel any power of attorney you need to bring a photocopy of it as we don’t cancel any power of attorney that was issued for apartment, replica watches,car or land sale The applicant is responsible for sending the cancellation and finalizing it in Egypt Birth, death and marriage certificate It is sufficient to bring the original certificates issued by the Canadian government to be stamped Divorce certificate Must be sealed by the Canadian ministry of Foreign affairs seal first The rest of authentications Must have Public Notary seal

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